Advisor Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the academic advisor include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing students with accurate information on the academic requirements and the University policies and procedures to achieve maximum benefit.
  • Clarifying the rules implemented by the University.
  • Providing regular academic advising.
  • Assisting students in the following:
    • Reviewing the study plan for the offered courses.
    • Linking the offered courses with the student’s study plan.
    • Developing and evaluating students’ study plans to progress towards their goals.
    • Identifying and monitoring the academic goals and objectives and assisting students in finding information on job opportunities.
  • Ensuring the student’s continuity at the University.
  • Maintaining an interactive environment that fosters mutual trust and ensures communication channels.
  • Regularly reviewing the rules, regulations and program regulations, whether current or changing.
  • Enlightening students on the various services available on campus.
  • Cooperating with their colleagues through exchanging ideas and information.
  • Recognizing and fostering the links between the academic program and the professional requirements.
  • Following up with students regarding any probation or warning
  • Approving the student’s academic modifications relevant to the educational process
  • Referring students to the relevant concerned departments at the University in the case of personal, academic or behavioral problems, or any other problems.
  • Notifying students of the academic advisor’s working hours by announcing them in an adequate location at the beginning of the semester.
  • Holding regular meeting with his advisees, especially those in the first level.
  • Submitting a repot, each semester, to the dean on the progress of students with academic setbacks.