Vice President for Medical Sciences

Vice President for Medical Sciences

Prof. Essam Osman

Vice President for Medical Sciences

Beirut Arab University is redefining medical sector through innovative practices that simplify the way health care education is delivered. A guiding principle at BAU is that in order to deliver exceptional student experiences, we must first ensure that were providing exceptional experiences for our staff and employees. As one of the largest universities in Lebanon, we are proud of our reputation of attracting and retaining the brightest leaders and talent in medical care.

I believe the University is in the midst of a system-level strategic planning process to proactively shape a positive future. We want to develop a model for an academic medical center, with a research and education mission that includes discovery-based and biotechnology research, biomedical informatics and interprofessional education. We expect the resulting research and technology to help lift the University to higher standing level.

The Vice President for Medical Sciences will provide strategic leadership and oversight for the medical affairs, physician leadership development, patient safety, quality of care and value-based health delivery that leads to medical-promotion programs at Beirut Arab University.

Our plan is to continue interdisciplinary collaboration between specialties. This role will also have responsibility to work in close alignment with the Deans of the medical sector. In addition, I will continue to participate in discussions so that I better understand the challenges and opportunities we face. Also, I will continue to reach out to key stakeholders, because we will need many strong partners to achieve success with fundraising and development.

After receiving his duties as Vice President for Medical Sciences several committees were formed for collaboration between Medical Sciences Faculties (Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences) and for the development of education among medical sciences sector.