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Professor Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, MD, PhD
President of Beirut Arab University

Dear BAU Family,

I am thrilled to address you all as the newly appointed President of our esteemed Beirut Arab University. It is an honor and privilege to lead this institution, which has a rich history of academic excellence and a vibrant community of students, faculty members and staff. First and foremost, I want to express my deep appreciation for the dedication and hard work that each and everyone of you brings to our university. Your commitment to learning, teaching, research, and service is what makes our institution truly exceptional, and as the new President, I am also committed to building upon the strong foundation that has been laid before me.

My primary goal is to ensure that our university continues to thrive and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our students and society. To achieve this, we will focus on three key pillars: Academic Excellence, Student Success, and Community Engagement. To our Students, I want you to know that your success is at the forefront of my mind. You are at the heart of everything we do, we will enhance student support services, mentorship programs, and career counseling to ensure that each student has the resources and guidance he needs to succeed academically and professionally.

To all faculty members we will work together to take immediate steps in supporting our community. We are all aware of the challenges facing higher education today, yet we shall continue our dedication in investments that strengthen our community, create the perfect environment for our students and faculty to ensure the pursue of passions and maintain the position of our University among the best global universities, for research excellence and power. To our staff members, I recognize the invaluable contributions you make to the functioning of our university. Your expertise, professionalism, and dedication are critical to our success. My priority will be creating a supportive and inclusive work environment that values your contributions, provides opportunities for growth, and fosters collaboration across departments.

I firmly believe that a strong university is deeply rooted in its community. However, I believe in the power of collaboration and engagement with our local and global community. In the coming months, I will be working closely with the faculties, staff member, and students coordinators to develop a strategic vision for our university. Together, we will shape the future of our institution and ensure that it remains a place of academic excellence. In conclusion, I am confident that by focusing on these pillars, we will continue to shape the future leaders of our society, contribute to knowledge creation, and make a positive impact on the world around us. Finally, let us embrace this new chapter with Vision, Innovation and Continuity.