Architecture-Design-and-Built-Environment - Course - HISTORY OF INTERIORS AND FURNISHING

  • Course Code: INTD305
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: 3 LEC
  • Course Type: Program Core Course (PCC)

Course Description

This course reviews the historical aspects of architecture, interiors, and furniture from early civilizations through the Rococo period, focusing on developments in Western Europe, the English Georgian period in the early 18th century through the Victorian revivals of the 19th century, proto-modernist movements in the latter half of the 19th century in England, and concluding with the Neo-modern movement that concludes the 20th century. Students explore historic styles of the habitat and its furnishings as an expression of peoples’ needs and values of the time. Construction methods and materials are covered in more depth and specific color and fabric influences are explored.