Dentistry - Course - Oral Pathology

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  • Course Code: OPTH702
  • Credits: 1
  • Hours Distribution: (1 Lec)
  • Course Type: Basic Sciences Courses (Bas. Sci.)

Course Description

The course aims to introduce the post graduate residents to the scope of oral and maxillofacial pathology and provides them with knowledge about caries, pulp pathology, peri-radicular pathology, gingival and periodontal inflammation and its sequelae. The candidate will gain knowledge about the different and recent types of tissue biopsies. In addition, odontogenic/nonodontogenic cysts of the jaws and perioral soft tissues, oral syndromic lesions, benign and malignant odontogenic tumors, the spectrum of potentially neoplastic lesions and conditions, dysplasia grading, squamous cell carcinoma and mesenchymal tumours, salivary and other mucosal glands lesions, jaw and craniofacial bones disorders and lesions and finally temporomandibular joint disorders will be clearly recognized and discussed.