Dentistry - Course - Orthodontic Clinics V

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  • Course Code: ORTD686
  • Credits: 4
  • Hours Distribution: (14 Prac)
  • Course Type: Orthodontics (ORTD)

Course Description

These courses offer clinical instruction in orthodontic clinical practice setting. The candidate will carry out orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment procedures under the supervision of a faculty member. Each first year graduate student will be assigned approximately 30 patients. Additional patients will be assigned in the following semesters. Patients from different categories will be assigned:  Early treatment, starting in primary or mixed dentition.  Class I malocclusion with dental alveolar protrusions or arch length deficiency.  Class II, division 1.  Class II, division 2.  Class III cases.  Severe skeletal discrepancy in adult and growing patients.