Dentistry - Course - Pediatric Dentistry Clinics II

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  • Course Code: PEDI682
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (6 Prac)
  • Course Type: Pediatric Dentistry (PEDI)

Course Description

The aim of these courses is to provide the students by competence in optimal comprehensive dental care to variety of pediatric patients based on latest evidence and guidelines using up to date materials and techniques. By the end of each course the student should present at least 5 full mouth treated cases (each case include at least 5 teeth with problems to be managed) after proper diagnosis and treatment planning, while offering optimal hygiene and preventive advise to each patient based on his caries risk assessment and follow up regimen, meanwhile offering relevant orthodontic interception whenever needed. Digital recording of all cases with relevant diagnostic measures (photographs, radiograph, casts,….,etc.). Cases should be managed at different armamentariums (on dental chair, conscious sedation and general anesthesia).
Follow up of the patient treated in the previous semesters with relevant records for each case should be delivered.