Dentistry - Course - Pediatric Dentistry I

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  • Course Code: PEDI621
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (2 Lec)
  • Course Type: Pediatric Dentistry (PEDI)

Course Description

This course aims to increase the knowledge, understanding, intellectual, practical and general transferable skills concerning:
Child management; childhood development, child behavior pattern in dental clinic; parental attitude, psychological approach management technique, reduction of maternal anxiety, management of infants and parents and behavior guidance services necessary for the provision of optimal therapeutic and preventive oral care to patients with medical, physical, or behavioral conditions. These services may include both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic management techniques.
Child growth and development; growth of maxilla and mandible, development of primary and permanent teeth, development of primary occlusion, occlusion in mixed dentition, dimensional changes in the dental arch.