Dentistry - Course - Periodontology Clinics III

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  • Course Code: PERI793
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (6 Prac)
  • Course Type: Periodontology (PERI)

Course Description

The clinical component of the program focuses on case documentation, patient evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis and comprehensive treatment planning of advanced periodontal cases. It deals with innovative and advanced surgical procedures including esthetic crown lengthening, regenerative procedure using different bone graft materials as well as handling of various membrane types. Additional emphasis will be on preprosthetic soft tissue enhancement including tunneling procedures, laterally displaced flaps, coronally advanced flaps, and soft tissue grafts. By the end of the courses residents will be able to gain experience in implant placement as well as soft tissue enhancement and bone grafting around dental implants including periimplant complications mainly perimucositis and periimplantities.