Engineering - Course - Design Of Canal Hydraulic Structures

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  • Course Code: CVLE661
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3Crs.)
  • Course Type: Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (WREE)

Course Description

Water conveyance structures; stability of canal banks in filling zones, aqueducts, culverts and syphons. Control, regulation and distribution structures; check structures (head and cross), drops, weirs and water divisors. Protective structures. Measuring structures; weirs, flumes and falls. Excess energy dissipation structures; stilling basins, baffled piers and hammering of flow with other reverse flow. Transitions and protection works against scour. Pipes and their appendices. Features of earthen embankments. Seepage control problems. Embankment design and stability analysis. Construction of canal embankments. Canal lining. Necessity and advantages of lining. Water losses from canal. Types of Lining. Design of lined canals.