Engineering - Course - Railway Engineering

  • Course Code: CVLE530
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab)
  • Course Type: Civil Engineering Technical Electives (CETE)

Course Description

Train dynamics (Tractive Effort, Train Resistances, Ruling Gradient, Acceleration and Deceleration, Braking and Stopping distances), Design of Railway tracks (Subgrade, Ballast Section, Sleepers, Rails, fastenings and rail joints, Stresses in Track Components), Track alignment (Cant - Transition Curves - Longitudinal and Cross sections, Track junctions (turnouts- crossings- crossover- double cross over- slips, planning dimensions of track junctions), Stations (passenger stations- freight stations- planning of marshalling yards- locomotive and wagons yards), Control of Train Movement and Signaling (types of Signaling systems- Mechanical and Electrical signaling systems- automatic block sections- green wave). Pre-req: CVLE 263.