Engineering - Course - Surveying By Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • Course Code: CVLE685
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3Crs.)
  • Course Type: Public Works (PUWO)

Course Description

The Main Segments in the System (Satellite, control and user segments), The Different Applications of GPS, Satellite Signal Structure, Denial of Accuracy and Access, Geometry Dilution of Precision (GDOP), Mask angle, Error Sources in GPS, Coordinate System in GPS, Positioning mode: Single Point Positioning Concept, Differential GPS Positioning, Static GPS Surveying, Rapid Static, Reoccupation, True Kinematics, Stop and Go positioning, Real time GPS Surveying, Collecting Observations in RTK GPS: by SDR 33 Data Collector and by Penmap for GPS.