Health-Sciences - Course - Clinical Laboratory Bacteriology

  • Course Code: MELS308
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: 2Lec,2Lab,0Tut
  • Course Type: Major Core Courses (MCC)

Course Description

Clinical Laboratory Bacteriology is based on the students’ understanding of the basic principles of clinical microbiology. This course studies the characteristics and classification of microorganisms and bacteria from a medical perspective, emphasizing mechanisms by which they replicate and reproduce, their means of growth and growth requirements, and the general properties of bacterial cultures and their properties. The main topics covered in this course are: Development of diagnostic microbiology; The host’s encounter with microbes; Safety and specimen collection; Cultivation of microorganisms; Presumptive identification and final identification; Aerobic gram-positive cocci; Aerobic gram-negative cocci; Aerobic gram-positive rods; Enterobacteriaceae; Anaerobic bacteria; Mycobacterium species; Intracellular microorganisms; Physiological and body system bacteriology; and Opportunistic and nosocomial infections. Pre-req: BIOL 226.