Health-Sciences - Course - Health Informatics

  • Course Code: HESC623
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: 3Lec,0Lab,0Tut
  • Course Type: Major Elective Courses (MEC)

Course Description

This graduate-level course introduce healthcare professionals to the concepts, principles and use of information and communication systems and the management of its applications. The student will gain knowledge and understanding of the information management applications in health care administration, practice, education, and research. In this course, master students will learn how the core competencies of healthcare informatics can be developed and applied using real-world case studies. Students will be exposed to healthcare information technology planning and management issues associated with decision making in healthcare organizations. Moreover, the course offers a hands-on training and competency demonstration of the understanding and knowledge of specific real-world challenges of organizations with Healthcare Informatics applications and proposed solutions.