Medicine - Course - Biostatistics and Computer Science

  • Course Code: BOCM801
  • Credits: 1
  • Hours Distribution: 1 Cr
  • Course Type: Elective (E)

Course Description

Biostatistics theoretical part includes: Bio statistical methods and concepts used in the public health practices and research. Classical statistical approaches for using data to describe the health of populations. Summaries and display of data in tables and graphs. Basic definition usage of rates, ratios and proportions. Interpretation of results. Basic concepts of statistical inference, including hypothesis testing, p- values and confidence intervals. Topics include comparisons of means and proportions, the normal distribution, regression and correlation, concepts of study design. Sample size, usage of statistical package through classroom demonstration. The computer part includes usage of different programs (Windows, Word, Excel, SPSS, Internet usage, E – Mail) and applications on the statistical analysis. The practical hours include solving of different problems and practical sessions on computer usage.