Medicine - Course - Surgery 1

  • Course Code: SURG402
  • Credits: 9
  • Hours Distribution: (9 Cr)
  • Course Type:  Major Core (MC)

Course Description

TThis 8 weeks module introduces students to learning opportunities in clinical situations that help applying knowledge learnt in phase I and understanding common and important illnesses, conditions and disorders, in addition to anatomy and pathophysiology in general surgery. Students are allowed to discuss issues related to general surgery topics such as preoperative preparation, postoperative care, surgical nutrition, thyroid nodules, surgical breast disorders, hernias; as well as hepatobiliopancreatic surgery and gastrointestinal surgery. Students also are exposed to clinical experience in taking focused history and examination skills at a good standard, with the ability to competently diagnose and appropriately manage cases, and the ability to acquire basic surgical skills and perform basic relevant procedures. Prerequisites: USRP301 Urinary System and Rep II, NESC303 Neurosciences, MSYS 302- Multisystem I,MSYS 304- Multisystem II,REPG306 Research Project.