Science - Course - Statistical Programming

  • Course Code: STAT606
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3crs.)
  • Course Type: Major Core (MJC)

Course Description

The Statistical Programming in R Module is focused on extending existing skills in analyzing data from quantitative research. The focus of this course will not be on extensively expanding the mathematical knowledge of the techniques employed but will be on acquiring practical skills such as scripting, flexible matrix manipulation and advanced visualization. All these skills are particularly useful when confronted with especially large datasets, and when confronted with a multitude of repetitive statistical procedures needing implementation. Analyses will be implemented using the interactive programming environment known as R. R is a free, open source implementation of the S language for statistical analysis. Textbook: Alain Zuur, Elena Ieno, & Erik Meesters (2009). A Beginner's Guide To R. Pre-req: STAT605