BAU includes the following campuses: Beirut Campus , Debbieh Campus, Tripoli Campus and Bekaa Campus.

For more details, please refer to the website: | About the University | Campuses.

There are around 9,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in all campuses.
Accommodation for students is provided in Debbieh campus only. The student affairs office helps students to find dorms in Beirut and Tripoli campuses.

To maintain safety and convenience of our students, we have dedicated parking lots across our campuses for a certain fee. Parking areas are equipped with surveillance cameras. They are monitored by specialized parking lot staff.

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Transportation between Beirut to Debbieh & Saida to Debbieh campuses is available based on a semestrial fee. This service is available from 7:10 AM to 5:10 PM. Late buses till 8:15 PM are available in coordination with faculties when there are late classes at the University.

BAU buses all follow a set of procedures to ensure the safety and convenience of all students. These buses are restricted to BAU students.

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