Effect of aerobic exercises versus laseracupuncture in treatment of postmenopausalhot flushes: a randomized controlled trial


[Purpose] To compare the effect of aerobic exercises versus laser acupuncture in treatment of postmenopausal hot flushes. [Subjects and Methods] This study was designed as single blind randomized controlled trial. A total of 48 postmenopausal women complained of hot flushes. Their ages ranged between 45 to 55 years and were randomly assigned into 2 equal groups: group (A), which received an aerobic exercises, and group (B), which received laser acupuncture. Both groups recieved 3 sessions per week for two months. The level of follicular stimulating hormone, lutelizing hormone, and hot flushes dairy card were assessed the severity of hot flahes before and after treatment program. [Results] There were Significant reduction in FSH, LH, and menopausal daily hot flush scale in group A compared with group B at the post treatment. [Conclusion] Eight week program of an aerobic exercises yields improvement in FSH, LH, and decrease in severity of hot flushes assessed by hot flush dairy card than laser acupuncture in the treatment of postmenopausal hot flashes.


Ayman Hussein El Khatib


Eman Abdelfatah Elhosary, Mahmoud Mohamed Ewidea, hamada Ahmed Hamada

Journal/Conference Information

Journal of Physical Therapy Science (JPTS),DOI:, ISSN: Online ISSN : 2187-5626Print ISSN : 0915-5287, Volume: 30, Issue: 2, Pages Range: 328-331