Acute Effects of Nintendo WII Fit on Balance in Young Adults: A Randomized Trial


Purpose of the study: To investigate the effects of Nintendo Wii Fit balance board on young adults’ balance. Methods: This experimental randomized trial included 98 participants. The participants were randomly divided into two groups, the control (54) and experimental group (44). The control group received no intervention, and was used to give reliable data to be compared with the data from the experimental group. The experimental group on the other hand played the “Table Tilt” game on the Nintendo Wii balance board. The two tests used to observe the effect of the balance board on balance were unipedal and bipedal stance tests by using Biodex stability system (BBS). These tests were performed before and after the program to study the difference. Results: In both groups, there was a significant reduction (p <0.05) in Double Leg Stance Stability (DLSS), Dominant Single Leg Stance Stability (DSLS), and Non-Dominant Single Leg Stance Stability (NDSLS) in the post treatment condition compared with the pretreatment. Moreover, there was a significant improvement (p <0.05) in balance in favor of the study group for the Double Leg Stance Stability. Conclusion: However, there wasn’t a significant difference (p <0.05) between the two groups in the Dominant Single Leg Stance Stability (DSLS), and the Non-Dominant Single Leg Stance Stability (NDSLS)


Ayman Hussein El Khatib

Journal/Conference Information

BAU Journal: Health and Wellbeing ,DOI: ? , ISSN: 2617-1635, Volume: Special Edition , Issue: Special Edition , Pages Range: 584-589,