Nurses’ evaluation of critical care pain observation tool (CPOT) implementation for mechanically ventilated intensive care patients


Despite the fact that self-report of pain is considered the most consistent indicator of its presence, pain assessment for the critically ill mechanically ventilated patients is quite challenging, as the altered level of consciousness, sedation and the presence of life support devices commonly affect the self-report mechanism. However, in Lebanon, nearly no research articles or local professional organizations have raised this topic. Therefore, addressing and introducing the “Critical Care Pain Observation Tool” (CPOT) is of great importance and would help the healthcare providers especially “Critical Care Nurses” (CCN) in identifying and managing the patient’s hidden pain Curry Narayan, 2010. The data followed a non-experimental post-test only design to gather data from a sample of 30 critical care registered nurses where well-established psychometric instruments were used in primary data collection method, which is Critical Care Pain Observation Tool and the Feasibility and clinical utility CPOT Questionnaire. The data in this article provides demographic data about critical care nurses and their evaluation of the Critical Care Pain Observation Tool (CPOT) implementation for mechanically ventilated intensive care patients. The analyzed data is provided in the tables included in this article.


Mirna Awni Fawaz

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Data in brief,DOI:, ISSN: 2352-3409, Volume: 25, Issue: 103997, Pages Range: 1-7,