Detection of PIK3R1 (L449S) Mutation in a Patient with Ovarian Cancer: A Case Report


Ovarian cancer (OC) is one of the most dangerous gynecological diseases and greatly increases the death risk worldwide. The heterogeneity of the ovarian tumors among patients and the lack of sufficient therapies for these tumors make the selection of the appropriate treatment a hard challenge. Understanding the mechanisms leading to OC becomes an urgent need in order to find out better therapeutic strategies. In this study, we have identified a point mutation (L449S) in the regulatory subunit of PI3K in an OC Lebanese patient. This genomic alteration had not been previously reported in OC and could plausibly enhance the PIK3CA amplification effect in strengthening AKT/mTOR pathway activity and leading to tumorigenesis.


Salim Zakareya MOUSSA


Said el shamieh, Fatima Saleh

Journal/Conference Information

Case Reports in Oncology,DOI: DOI: 10.1159/000505723, ISSN: e-ISSN: 1662-6575, Volume: 13, Issue: No.1, Pages Range: 188-192,