Lebanese nursing students’ perceptions regarding use of concept mapping


Innovative teaching/learning methodologies in nursing education are needed to prepare professional andskilled nurses. Concept mapping (CM) has been implemented in nursing programs to facilitate learning. Theaim of this study was to explore the perceptions of nursing students regarding the use of CM in the study sitenursing program. The study adopted an exploratory qualitative research design. The sample comprised of20 nursing students who participated in the research voluntarily. Data was collected by one-on-one semistructured interviews. Four themes emerged upon thematic analysis including;“Improved Learning andEstablishing Knowledge,”“Promote Self-directed Learning,”“Improving Cognitive Skills,”and“FosteringComprehensive Care.”Understanding student perceptions of CM as a teaching/learning technique facilitatesdesign of learner centered curricula to promote excellence in education and practice


Mirna Awni Fawaz


Esin Kavuran

Journal/Conference Information

Teaching and Learning in Nursing,DOI:, ISSN: 1557-3087, Volume: 000, Issue: 0, Pages Range: 1-5,