Assessment of Nurses’ Knowledge and Care Practices for Infection Prevention in Neutropenic Patients in Bekaa, Lebanon: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Design


Neutropenia is one of the serious complications to chemotherapy that increases the risk of infection and even mortality. Nurses’ knowledge about neutropenia and their care practices are essential in order to protect neutropenic patients from infection. Thus, this study aimed to assess nurses' knowledge and care practices for infection prevention in neutropenic patients in Bekaa, Lebanon. A cross-sectional descriptive research study had been conducted in five hospitals located in Bekaa district. 81 nurses had been recruited by convenience sampling. They completed the ‘Nurses’ Knowledge and Care Practices for Infection Control in Neutropenic Patients’ questionnaire. The majority were females 77.8% (n=63), with a BS degree 65.4% (n=53) and less than 40 years old. The score of nurses knowledges about neutropenia was 18.8/30 while the mean score related to infection prevention and control practice was overall high (mean score=15.7/18). Based on the obtained results, nurses in the five hospitals of Bekaa had a good level of infection control practices despite a moderate level of knowledge about neutropenia.

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BAU Journal-Health and Wellbeing,DOI:, ISSN: 2617-1635 , Volume: 4, Issue: 1, Pages Range: 0-0,