Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Towards Antibiotic Use Among Lebanese Health Professions Students: A Multicentre Cross-Sectional Study


Antibiotic resistance poses a great threat to the public health at a global scale. This resistance has emerged due to the misuse and overuse of antibiotics, especially in countries where antibiotics are dispensed without a prescription. The aim of this study was to evaluate knowledge, behavior and practice towards antibiotics among medical students in universities. The study is a cross sectional survey using questionnaire. Data were collected from a random sample of 226 students of two faculties pharmacy and health sciences. Results showed good knowledge of participants since 87.6% had more than 50% correct answers. 47% of physicians prescribe antibiotics to treat common cold and 46% of physicians prescribe antibiotics over the phone without examining the patient. Awareness campaigns should be launched among the general public as well as healthcare professionals aiming at raising awareness regarding antibiotic misuse and resistance.

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BAU journal-Health and welbeing,DOI:, ISSN: 2617-1635, Volume: 4, Issue: 1, Pages Range: 21-29,