International Student Resource Program

International Student Resource Program

We created this program to make incoming students experience a smooth visit at our university and help them with their concerns and problems.

Furthermore, it is an easier way for new students to make friends and exchange knowledge and culture.

The students who become a part of the International Student Resource program will be responsible of the following tasks:

  • Establishing a friendship with the incoming students.
  • Orient the incoming students in the campus.
  • Give any helpful tips for the incoming students concerning where to find cheap accommodation in Beirut.
  • Support the student with issues concerning registration and classes.
  • Recommend for the student some places to visit In Lebanon and tasty restaurants, etc.
  • Try scheduling some outings with the incoming students.

Academic Year 2023-2024

Tareq El-Sayyed Computer Science - Faculty of Science

As a student who has had first-hand experience with helping international students with the challenges they face, coupled with my diverse cultural background, I am confident in my ability to provide invaluable support to these new students.

aving spent half of my life in the United Arab Emirates, I interacted with many different communities. During my time there, most of my classmates were international students, which allowed me to develop a great connection with different cultures and to see how they integrate into the local culture. This experience gave me a deep sense of appreciation for different cultures from around the world and allowed me to provide warm welcomes to such people.

Furthermore, while attending LESBG (Lebanon Evangelical School for Boys and Girls) in Lebanon, I was part of the A-section classes that followed the British educational system, consisting of students from different countries. That allowed me to develop excellent communication skills necessary for effective interaction with individuals. In addition to my personal experiences with international students, I have also had the opportunity to be alongside my relatives who reside abroad when they visit the country.

Academic Year 2022-2023

Qamar Abou Hachem Medical Lab Technician - Faculty of Health Sciences

Since a very young age, I have always sought to build bonds with people around me, despite their background. I am an ambitious, explorer, funny, and adventurous person. As I grew up, I discovered my interests and hobbies. I like to exercise, swim, color, spend time with my family members, travel, explore new things, and hike.

One fact about me is that I always support women's empowerment and care for it. Moreover, I always like to travel to different countries in order to get in touch with their people, traditions, and street food; to explore their charming nature; and to gain a lot of new knowledge from their history and society.

I am looking forward to being a member of this program to guide and help international students feel comfortable as if they were in their home. At the same time, I will learn more about their culture and values, so we will be exchanging information.

Jana Bou Ghanem Physical Therapist - Faculty of Health Sciences

For as long as I was a child in my elementary school, I’ve had teachers from around the world: England, Canada, Australia, etc. My interest peaked as we exchanged cultures and languages.

The above-mentioned interest increased during my teenage years when I moved to live in my village, where we have a "Hey Hostel," in which people from all around the world come and we would guide them around our small village, show them around, take them on hikes, picnics, etc.

I’ve met people from Italy, Jordan, France, Turkey, and Spain. I just LOVE meeting people from other countries and cultures.

I’m a spontaneous, adventurous person that likes sports, hikes, photography, and learning new languages, so meeting foreign people that speak fluently the languages that I’m learning (Italian, Spanish, and French) helps me communicate with them and improve my speaking skills.