Apply for the Social Impact Global Internship Placement 2023

26 October 2022


Apply for the Social Impact Global Internship Placement 2023. 

To apply, send (1) Cover Letter and (2) Resume to

The Social Impact Global Internship Placement 2023 provides students with multi-faceted learning opportunities to engage in active citizenship. The placement will challenge young people in their Global Communication, Resilience, and Adaptability skills. The program will stretch and test students in their resourcefulness and creativity to look for out-of-the-box solutions. More importantly, it will develop their mental resilience to overcome difficulties and advance their Social Impact Global Career.

Students will get to work on our youth empowerment programs. Together, we contribute toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal # 17 (Partnerships to achieve the Goal).

Training Program and Personal Coaching will be provided throughout the internship placement.

At Humanitarian Affairs Asia, we are confident that a purposeful career starts with a global internship learning that inspires engagement and transforms lives.

The placement will focus on the following KEY competencies:

Effective Global Communicator

Resilience and Adaptability

Avid Learner Mindset


Interns will serve as a Global Program Associate during their placement. Their main focus is to recruit like-minded individuals who are passionate in building a better world to attend our youth empowerment event, the University Scholars Leadership Symposium.

Job Description

• Actively manage the existing database to ensure information is accurate and kept up-to-date.

• Reach out to like-minded partners in academia and assist them in nominating outstanding students from their institutions of higher learning / country.

• Establish new relationships with stakeholders by researching, collating and developing new contacts.

• Maintain existing current relationships with various stakeholders.

• Collate information on prospective stakeholders.

• Identify potential prospects due for follow up on nominations.

• Produce weekly reports on activity and achievement levels.


• Orientation / Training Program will be provided throughout the internship placement.

• Subsidised Meal and Housing allowances.

• Document for Entry Visa will be provided. However, interns are responsible for their visa application.

• Opportunity to interact and network with more than 1,000 scholars during the youth empowerment conferences.

• Certificate of Completion.

• Letter of Reference for job application opportunities for the selected job title or profession.

• Be part of the Global Movement in Social Change.


• Intelligent and quick witted, able to rapidly assimilate new and innovative ideas in social issues.

• Fluent in spoken and written English.

• Excellent oral communication skills and active listening skills.

• Possess a consultative approach and cordial tone of voice.

• Highly organised and self-motivated with the ability to prioritise tasks.

• Confident in overcoming rejection and setting challenging goals on a daily basis.

• An additional plus point if you had a leadership role in a volunteer organization or at a part-time job before.

Apply to: