Available Scholarships for Registered PhD students

13 February 2020


Scholarships for Registered PhD students are now available to carry out a mobility period to the University of Santiago De Compostela (USC) in Spain for the Academic Year 2020/2021 in the following programmes:

Information for PhD candidates:

The USC International Centre for Doctorate and Advanced Studies (CIEDUS) has established for 2019-2022 which PhD programmes at the four International Doctorate Schools are open to doctorate students from Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility partner institutions to carry out a mobility period at USC as part of their doctorate studies at their home university.

Lists of programmes at each School:

• Campus Terra International Doctorate School

• Sciences and Technology International Doctorate School

• Arts, Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences International Doctorate School

• Health Sciences International Doctorate School

Interested candidates need to pass by or contact the International Relations Office.