Industry training intake for undergraduates and fresh graduates

09 December 2021


SchemaZone is pleased to announce that they just opened the registration for their next industry training intake that will start on January 7th, 2022 for undergraduates and fresh graduates.

Trainees will be working throughout the four-weeks programs on real projects for several companies with a potential to be selected for a part-time or full-time employment at the end of the training program.

As a support from SchemaZone's side, they will be giving a 20% discount for any applicant from the BAU using this code: BAU-Special20

1. Project Manager Industry Training Program (PMITP)

2. Business Analyst Industry Training Program (BAITP)

3. Marketing Specialist Industry Training Program (MSITP)

4. Sales Specialist Industry Training Program (SSITP)

5. Software Developer Industry Training Program (SDITP)

6. UI / UX Developer Industry Training Program (UDITP)

7. Nutritionist Industry Training Program (NITP)

Interested applicants need to send an email to mentioning their program/s of interest and the discount code shown above.

Below are some of the gains and benefits that the trainees will get:

1. Priority to be selected for full-time, part-time or contractor position at SchemaZone or any of its sister or partner companies

2. Official invitation letter to visit our office in Toronto which you can use to obtain a visa to Canada

3. Accredited training certificate from Reach Academy (Canadian academy based in greater Toronto area)

4. Industry training certificate from SchemaZone (Canadian company based in greater Toronto area)

5. Reference/recommendation letter from your direct training manager

6. Working on real business tasks/projects for SchemaZone and/or its sister companies

7. Lectures/presentations given by experienced industry professionals

8. Close supervision & orientation from your mentor

9. Having your work criticized, assessed, and corrected

10. An average of two working hours per day, Monday through Friday (flexible timing)

11. Fully remote positions with access to online tools & platforms or on-site at our main office in Canada

12. Expect to secure your next job position in less than three months, based on previous trainees’ records in Canada, Europe, Middle East and other regions

13. Hours comparable to one credit hour of a university course

14. Professional business training, guidance & experience

15. Professional project experience to put on your CV

16. Possibility to get access to additional HR programs and benefits

17. Free and discounted rates on services provided by our partners for immigration, study, and visitor applications to Canada

18. Free pass or discounts on all training, educational and technology services offered by our company and its sister companies under Rise Holding Group

SchemaZone 's sister academy is also opening registrations for three practical mini diploma programs starting on January 14th, 2022 in which the trainees will also work on real industry projects for real organizations throughout an extensive 10-weeks program with a potential of being selected for employment upon successful completion. For these programs, they will be also giving 20% discount to all applicants from the BAU using the same code: BAU-Special20

1. Practical Mini Diploma in Project Management (MDPM)

2. Practical Mini Diploma in Digital Marketing (MDDM)

3. Practical Mini Diploma in Education (MDE)

For the mini diplomas, interested applicants need to send an email to mentioning the program of interest and the code shown above.

Please check the attached Posters for these programs.