The ALLARMA Project

06 July 2023


The ALLARMA project aims at diagnosing environmental issues and challenges of agriculture in rural areas using a frugal approach.

Title of the Project:
"Agriculture dans le bassin supérieur du Litani, au Liban : Aborder les Résiliences du Monde Agricole" (Agriculture in the Upper Litani Basin, Lebanon: Addressing the Resilience of the Agricultural World)  (ALLARMA)"  

Funded by the joint call of CNRS-France and IRD on the subject "Frugality-Sobriety"

Main applicant (France):
 SAQALLI Mehdi, CNRS-France, Université Toulouse2, Jean Jaurès
 IRD Université Aix-Marseille, CNRS, Collège de France, INRAE

Partner institutions (Lebanon):
The Lebanese University, Faculty of Agriculture
Beirut Arab University, Research Center for Environment and Development