Phytochemical analysis of Ficus carica L. active compounds possessing anticonvulsant activity


The anticonvulsant potential of Ficus carica methanol-extract (Fc) has been studied. It was found that Fc most active fraction is rich in oligosaccharides (OFG). 1H, 13C NMR and Nano-ESI, MALDI MS, and LC-MS techniques proved that OFG contains alpha-glucopyranoside oligomer in high amounts. Both Fc and OFG reduced strychnine (STR) convulsion-action. Fc and OFG fully protected the experimental-animals from STR-lethality. The intracerebroventricular-administration (ICV) of Fc or OFG in combination with glycine in ethanol-treated mice caused a dose-dependent returning to a 2nd-loss of righting-reflex (LORR), and was antagonized by STR. FC and OFG ICV injection counteracted STR-inhibition, confirming that Fc/OFG anticonvulsant mechanism of action was mediated by potentiation of glycine receptor. These results support Fc and OFG potential anticonvulsant-activity with good safety-profile.


Karim M Raafat

Journal/Conference Information

Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine,DOI:, ISSN: 2225-4110, Volume: 8, Issue: 5, Pages Range: 1-10,