Business-Administration - Accounting

  • Degree: PhD
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Business Administration
  • Department: Accounting

Program Description

PhD in Business Administration - Accounting

This program aims to enhance candidate capabilities in both teaching and investigation in different areas of accounting research. By the end of the program, the candidate is expected to contribute significantly to the advancement of accounting knowledge and research. Candidates that graduate from the program should be able to present advanced knowledge in accounting research related areas in organizational and managerial contexts and advanced application of methods of analyses appropriate for accounting research related areas.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
BECO701 Microeconomics I 3 3 Major R
BECO702 Econometrics I 3 3 Major R
BUSN701 Business Research Methods and Skills 3 3 Major R
Second Semester
BACC701 Accounting Theory Seminar 3 3 Major R
BACC702 Cost Accounting Seminar 3 3 Major R
BACC703 Auditing Seminar 3 3 Major R
BACC704 Accounting Information Systems Seminar 3 3 Major R
Third Semester
BACC705 Financial Accounting and Capital Markets Seminar 3 3 Major R
BACC706 Managerial Accounting Seminar 3 3 Major R
BACC707 Special Topics in Accounting 3 3 Major R
------- Comprehensive Exam and Research Proposal 3 3 Major R
Fourth Semester
BACC799 Thesis 24 24 Major R