Dentistry - Endodontology-Accredited-by-ESE-

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  • Degree: Speciality Diploma
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Dentistry
  • Department: Restorative Sciences

Program Description

Speciality Diploma in Endodontology program is accredited by the European Society of Endodontology.

The Specialty Diploma requirements for Endodontology consist of 68 Credit hours taken as follows:

• Mandatory Courses: 60Crs.

• Elective Courses: 8Crs.

The recommended duration of study to obtain the Specialty Diploma is minimum 3 years.

Academic Calendar

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
ANAT651 Craniofacial Anatomy and Embryology 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
ESEA601 Endodontology I 2 (2 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA611 Literature Review I NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA621 Micro Endodontics 1 (1 Lec.) ENDO
ESEC601 Endodontics Clinics I 3 (12 Pract.) ENDO
ESEC611 Diagnosis & Emergency Clinics I NA (6 Pract.) ENDO
ESER601 Research I NA (5 Pract.) ENDO
MICR651 Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Biology 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
ODTP601 Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment Plan 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
ORBL601 Oral Biology 2 (2 Lec) Bas. Sci.
PHBS613 Scientific Research Methods 1 (1Lec) Bas. Sci.
PHRM651 Applied Pharmacology 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
Second Semester
BIOM602 Dental Biomaterials 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
ESEA602 Endodontology II 2 (2 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA612 Literature Review II NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA622 Micro Surgical Endodontics 1 (1 Lec.) ENDO
ESEC602 Endodontics Clinics II 3 (12 Pract.) ENDO
ESEC612 Diagnosis & Emergency Clinics II NA (6 Pract.) ENDO
ESER602 Research II NA (5 Pract.) ENDO
OPTH604 Advanced Oral Pathology 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
ORBL602 Electron Microscopy 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
ORBL651 Applied Oral Biology 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
PHBS610 Scientific Writing 1 (1 Lec.) ENDO
PHBS614 Biostatistics in Dentistry 1 (1Lec) Bas. Sci.
PHYL652 Advanced Physiology 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
Third Semester
ESEA613 Literature Review III NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
ESEC603 Endodontics Clinics III 2 (12 Pract.) ENDO
ESEC613 Diagnosis & Emergency Clinics III NA (6 Pract.) ENDO
ESER603 Research III NA (5 Pract.) ENDO
Fourth Semester
DENT645 Dental Photography 1 (2 Prac) ENDO
ESEA604 Endodontology III 2 (2 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA614 Literature Review IV NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
ESEC604 Endodontics Clinics IV 3 (12 Pract.) ENDO
ESEC614 Diagnosis & Emergency Clinics IV NA (6 Pract.) ENDO
ESER604 Research IV NA (5 Pract.) ENDO
ESET604 Teaching I NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
IMPL604 Implantology I 1 (1 Lec) IMPL
PERI621 Periodontology I 1 (1 Lec) PERI
PHBS652 Practice Management 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
------- Electives 2 (2 Lec.) Elec.
Fifth Semester
ESEA605 Endodontology IV 2 (2 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA615 Literature Review V NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
ESEC605 Endodontics Clinics V 3 (12 Pract.) ENDO
ESEC615 Diagnosis & Emergency Clinics V NA (6 Pract.) ENDO
ESER605 Research V NA (5 Pract.) ENDO
ESET605 Teaching II NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
IMPL605 Implantology II 1 (1 Lec) IMPL
OMED602 Oral Medicine 1 (1 Lec) PERI
PERI622 Periodontology II 1 (1 Lec) PERI
PHBS611 Epidemiology 1 (1 Lec.) ENDO
------- Electives 2 (2 Lec.) Elec.
Sixth Semester
ESEA616 Literature Review VI NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
ESEC606 Endodontic Clinics VI 2 (12 Pract.) ENDO
ESEC616 Diagnosis & Emergency Clinics VI NA (6 Pract.) ENDO
ESER606 Research VI NA (5 Pract.) ENDO
Seventh Semester
ESEA607 Endodontology V 2 (2 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA617 Literature Review VII NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA627 Implantology Seminars I NA (2 Lec.) ENDO
ESEC607 Endodontic Clinics VII 2 (8 Pract.) ENDO
ESEC617 Diagnosis & Emergency Clinics VII NA (6 Pract.) ENDO
ESER607 Research VII NA (5 Pract.) ENDO
ESET607 Teaching III NA (6 Lec.) ENDO
IMOS607 Implant-Surgery Clinics 1 (4 Pract.) ENDO
------- Electives 2 (2 Lec.) Elec.
Eighth Semester
ESEA608 Endodontics VI 2 (2 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA618 Literature Review VIII NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
ESEA628 Implantology Seminars II NA (2 Lec.) ENDO
ESEC608 Endodontics Clinics VIII 2 (8 Pract.) ENDO
ESEC618 Diagnosis & Emergency Clinics VIII NA (6 Pract.) ENDO
ESER608 Research VIII NA (5 Pract.) ENDO
ESET608 Teaching IV NA (6 Lec.) ENDO
IMPR608 Implant-Prosthodontic Clinics 1 (4 Pract.) ENDO
------- Electives 2 (2 Lec.) Elec.
Ninth Semester
ESEA619 Literature Review IX NA (3 Lec.) ENDO
ESEC609 Endodontics Clinics IX 2 (12 Pract.) ENDO
ESEC619 Diagnosis & Emergency Clinics IX NA (6 Pract.) ENDO
ESER609 Research IX NA (5 Pract.) ENDO