Human-Sciences - Arabic-Language-and-Literature

  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Human Sciences
  • Department: Arabic Language and Literature

Program Description


Chairperson Associate Professor Bashir Faraja>
Part-time Lecturers Dr. Nayef Marouf, Dr. Ahmad Faris, Dr. Ghazi Yamout, Dr. Khalil Ajeena

The Department of Arabic language and literature provides enriching opportunities for learning, addresses new challenges and responsibilities in a demanding environment where quality is paramount, enables the personal development of individuals, and enhances critical thinking and learning for life and professional experience. This is achieved through providing a comprehensive program that qualifies students to achieve personal goals, aspirations and individuality.

1. Improve the educational process and enhance the students’ academic knowledge;

2. Help students acquire literary and analytical skills in an environment that encourages interactive education and self-learning;

3. Develop students’ sense of pride in the Arabic Language;

4. Develop students’ ability to conduct cultural dialogues and open up to the other;

  •  Outline features of different literary genres; 
  • Identify major linguistic topics; 
  • Distinguish different methods of teaching; 
  • Compose arguments and well-developed essays; 
  • Develop personal responses to literary works;

To obtain a Bachelor Degree in Arabic Language and Literature, students must successfully complete a total of 99 credits + ICDL. The standard duration for the completion of the requirements for a bachelor degree is 6 semesters.

A graduate can be a translator, a teacher, an editor and anchor of news bulletins in Arabic on radio and television, and can work as an executive secretary in banks and business corporations.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
ARAB231 النحو و الصرف 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
ARAB233 مدخل الي النقد والبلاغة 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
ARAB235 مدخل الي علم العروض و القافية 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
ARAB239 مدخل الي علم اللغويات 2 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
FREN111 French Language 2 ... UEC
------- Elective General 2 ... UC
Second Semester
ARAB232 شروح الألفية 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
ARAB234 ادب صدر الاسلام والعصر الأموي 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
ARAB236 بلاغة عربية 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
BLAW001 Human Rights 1 ... UEC
------- Elective Department 4 ... ED
------- Faculty Elective 2 ... FE
Third Semester
ARAB331 نظريات الادب والنقد 3 (3Cr.:3Lec): MD
ARAB333 النقد العربي الكلاسيكي 3 (3Cr.:3Lec): MD
ARAB335 الرواية العربية 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
------- Elective General 4 ... UC
------- Elective Department 4 .... ED
Fourth Semester
ARAB332 المذاهب النحوية 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
ARAB334 مناهج البحث في اللغة العربية 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
------- Elective General 5 ... UC
------- Elective Faculty 2 ... FE
------- Elective Department 4 ... ED
Fifth Semester
ARAB421 المسرح العربي 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
ARAB423 الشعر العربي الحديث 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
ARAB425 الادب الصوفي 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
------- Faculty Elective 4 ... FE
------- Elective Department 4 ... ED
Sixth Semester
ARAB422 ادب اندلسي 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
ARAB424 الادب العربي الحديث 3 (3Cr.:3Lec) MD
------- Faculty Elective 4 ... FE
------- Elective Department 4 ... ED

University Requirement Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Type
ARAB001 Arabic Language 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) Mandatory