Human-Sciences - Professional-Diploma-in-Journalism

  • Degree: Diploma
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Human Sciences
  • Department: Mass Communication

Program Description

The Vocational Diploma in Journalism was proposed in the light of recent revolutionary developments in the fields of communication and information, and due to the constant need to qualify an outstanding generation of media graduates, capable of meeting changing and evolving job-market needs, as well as local and international competition. Journalism is, no doubt, a cornerstone of media studies, and is of immediate interest for mass communication graduates, since it is one of the most prominent arts of media that require skills in interpretation and fact-finding to present the causes of any issue or phenomenon to the audience. The Diploma, thus, aims to train a generation of highly-qualified journalists, capable of objectively tackling societal phenomena, upholding the ethics and principles of the profession. In addition, this Diploma provides the student with a venue to explore emerging types of journalism, such as electronic and investigative journalism. The Journalism Diploma at BAU is a one-year program that falls into two semesters. The diploma consists of 24 credit hours, which upon successful completion, grants the candidate a BAU Diploma in Journalism.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
MCOD501 أخلاقيات الصحافة ومعاييرها 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD503 التحرير الصحفي 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD505 الكتابة للإذاعة والتلفزيون 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD507 اللغة العربية 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD509 فن المقال الصحفي 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD511 صحافة الإقتصاد والأعمال 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
Second Semester
MCOD502 الصحافة الاستقصائية 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD504 إعداد المراسل الصحفي 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD506 غرفة الأخبار 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD508 الترجمة الإعلامية 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD510 الإخراج الصحفي 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD
MCOD512 الصحافة الإلكترونية 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) MD