Pharmacy - Clinical-Pharmacy

  • Degree: Master
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Pharmacy
  • Department: Pharmacy Practice

Program Description

Program consists of 36 Credit Hours divided as follows:

Transferred from Bachelor in Pharmacy at BAU: 18 cr

General Courses (All students): 6 cr.

Specialized Courses (Master thesis option) : 6 cr.

Specialized Courses (Master non–thesis option) : 8 cr.

Thesis: 6 cr.

Project: 4 cr.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
PHAR360 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR362 Pharmaceutical Microbiology II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR462 Medicinal Chemistry III 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR470 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR471 Phytochemistry 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR476 Integrated Case-Based Learning III (ICBL III) 2 (2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR583 Toxicology 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHGC701 Biostatistics 2 (2Lec) Gen_Mas
PHGC702 Research Methods 2 (2Lec) Gen_Mas
PHGC703 Critical and Creative Thinking 2 (2Lec) Gen_Mas
Second Semester
PHCP710 Advanced Skills for Clinical Pharmacy Practice 2 (2Lec) MSE
PHCP711 Advanced Patient Care 2 (2Lec) MSE
------- Master Elective 2 (2Lec) MSE
Third Semester
PHCP720 Thesis 6 (6 lec) MSE
PHCP721 Project 4 (4 lec) MSE

Master Specialized Elective Courses (MSE)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHCP713 Clinical Educator Preparation 2 (2Lec) MSE
PHCP714 Palliative Care 2 (2Lec) MSE
PHCP715 Advanced Care For Geriatric Patients 2 (2Lec) MSE
PHCP716 Pharmacoeconomics 2 (2Lec) MSE
PHCP717 Systemic Medication And Wound Healing 2 (2Lec) MSE
PHCP718 Dermatology 2 (2Lec) MSE
PHCP719 Journal Club 2 (2Lec) MSE
PHPP712 Patient Safety And Quality 2 (2Lec) MSE