Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical-Microbiology

  • Degree: PhD
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Pharmacy
  • Department: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Program Description

The PhD Program consists of a total of 40 Credit Hours divided as follows:

Specialized Elective Courses: 18

Credit Hours Thesis: 22 Credit Hours

All specialized Elective Courses are selected in accordance to the field of specialization.

The diversity of pharmacy domains is one of its chief strengths, and in diversity lies the opportunity. In Lebanon, the vast majority of pharmacists practice in the community, pharmaceutical industries or hospital pharmacies. The remainder follow one or another of the special fields. The opportunity for success in any of these fields is wide open for men and women with ability, education and imagination.

Career opportunities for pharmacy graduates are:

  1.  Academic pharmacist
  2.  Clinical Pharmacist
  3.  Community Pharmacist
  4.  Hospital Pharmacist
  5.  Regulatory affairs Pharmacist
  6.  Industrial Pharmacist
  7.  Pharmacovigilance
  8.  Research and development
  9.  Clinical researcher
  10.  Medical Liaison
  11.  Market access
  12.  Marketing
  13.  Sales
  14.  Pharmacy Inspector

Study Plan:

PhD Specialized Elective Courses (PHDS)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHAR801 Research Project 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR814 Selected Topics In Molecular Genetics 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR815 Modern Theories In Bio-Deterioration And Bio-Degradation 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR816 Advanced Applications Of Biotechnology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR817 New Researches In Virology 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR829 Advanced Selected Topics Related To The Point Of Research 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR834 Departmental Seminar And Journal 1 (1Lec) PHDS
PHAR837 DNA/Protein Interaction 2 (2Lec) PHDS
PHAR838 Current Topics In Molecular Biology 1 (1Lec) PHDS
PHAR839 Vaccine Technologies 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR840 Molecular Immunology 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR841 Microbial Contamination Control In The Pharmaceutical Industry 3 (3 lec.) PHDS
PHAR842 Biotechnology Of Antibiotics 3 (3 lec.) PHDS