BAU Research talks

12 January 2024


The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research hosted the second “Research Talks” event at Beirut Arab University on Friday January 12th, 2024 in Hariri Building of Beirut Campus. This event exemplified BAU's commitment to enhancing the impact of its research and establishing connections between research, industry, and the community.
The primary objective of the “Research Talks” event was to promote collaborative research among BAU Faculties and encourage academic staff from different disciplines to work together. The aim was to foster multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research endeavors, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives in generating innovative and impactful outcomes.
The event witnessed the participation of BAU President, Deans, and more than 100 Faculty members from all BAU Faculties. Over a pizza and soda lunch, the attendees engaged in discussions focused on identifying opportunities for collaboration. Fruitful ideas and plans were initiated paving the way for future meetings and collaborative initiatives. “Research Talks” showcased BAU's commitment to nurturing a culture of research excellence and fostering meaningful partnerships that cater to academia, industry, and the wider community.