Cooperation Agreement between Beirut Arab University and Lebanese Association for Technics and Psychological Tests

17 January 2024


Beirut Arab University, represented by its President, Prof. Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, signed a cooperation agreement with the Lebanese Association for Technics and Psychological Tests represented by its President, Dr. Antoine Al Chartouni. The cooperation agreement aims to prepare distinguished staff who are psychologists through the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Human Sciences and providing specialized technical services and consultations through the Psychosocial Unit in the faculty in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society.
The cooperation agreement also aims to train university students in the Department of Psychology on psychological techniques and tests used in mental health clinics and centers through organizing seminars and training courses on the campus. The association also cooperates with the Department of Psychology in organizing "Psychology Laboratory" and conducting scientific studies to standardize questionnaires and scales in cooperation with students. The Association shall grant eligible students a training certificate with the tests on which they were trained that is certified by the association.