Dr. Sami Sabbagh signed his book At Beirut Arab University

12 June 2023


Under the patronage of Professor Amr Galal El Adawi, President of Beirut Arab University, and the invitation of Professor Ibtihal Yousef Al-Bastawissi, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Environment, the University hosted a book signing ceremony for Dr. Sami Sabbagh entitled:

Discourse Between Heritage and Contemporary Architectural Movements in Arab Cities- The Case of Riyadh

in the presence of Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, President of the University, and Dr. Omar Houri, General Secretary, and the deans of faculties and faculty members of the Faculty of Architecture and a crowd of architects.
Professor El Adawi, President of the University, talked about Dr. Sabbagh, who is a visiting professor at Beirut Arab University, as a practicing architect and researcher in the fields of architecture, urban design, heritage conservation and project management, and he is a member of the arbitration committees of various prestigious universities of architecture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”
He continued: “Dr. Sabbagh's field of expertise includes heritage conservation, restoration, renovation of ancient cities, modern architectural and parametric intervention inspired by traditional norms, and sustainable urban planning, where these diverse skills are presented in a series of award-winning projects that were implemented”.
Dr. Sami al-Sabbagh then said thanking the university for hosting the signing ceremony then he pointed to the objectives of the book in addressing the questions about the role of architectural/urban interventions in focusing on unique identities. The book also stated that architecture is still able to express the merits of culture and identity, integrate innovation and contribute to improving the living environment in addition to reject the ideology that individual identity is no longer associated with tradition, social cohesion, societal memory or place.

"Dr. Sabbagh added: “The book contains a discussion on the idea of producing a modern contemporary architectural design and culturally rooted taking the city of Riyadh as a reference for applying this thought. It also concludes with a methodology for more possibilities of innovation and development that is not only the case of the study but can be disseminated to any time and place.

At the end of the ceremony Dr. Sami Sabbagh signed his book to attendees.