Lecture entitled Sustainable Healthy Dietary Patterns as part of SDGs Courses

17 May 2022


The Faculty of Health Sciences at Beirut Arab University presented by Dr. Leila Itani, Assistant Professor at the Nutrition & Dietetics Department delivered a lecture on the 8th of April 2022 entitled "Sustainable Healthy Dietary Patterns". This participation was part of 8 modules offered through the educational activities of the series of SDGs Courses organized by the university of Pavia /Italy for Spring 2021-2022 (

The course aimed to provide knowledge on nutrition, lifestyle, and wellbeing, emphasizing a sustainable diet. In this respect, Dr. Itani presented in her talk the role of the food system and unhealthy dietary patterns in disrupting the resilience of the earth’s biophysical limits and transgressing their safe operating space contributing to climate change and loss of ecological resources.

Through the lecture, the definition and composition of the recently proposed healthy sustainable diet and evidence on its role in maintaining food system activities within the safe operating space of biophysical planetary boundaries was presented.

This diet is said to contribute to two global agendas for the food system namely the twelfth SDG by ensuring “responsible consumption” and “Paris agreement” to reduce climate change while ensuring a lower diet cost. Ultimately projection on the planetary healthy diet are shown to conserve people’s health and averting death and sustaining ecological resources, eventually ensuring achievement of the three dimensions of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental dimensions.