Poet Mahmoud Darwish at Beirut Arab University

08 November 2023


The Department of Arabic Language in the Faculty of Humanities at Beirut Arab University organized the monthly cultural activity which is a bunch of the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish works in the presence of the Chairman of the Bir Wal Ihsan Board of Trustees of Dr. Ammar Houry and Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Prof. Siddika Lasheen, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Mohamed Abo El Naja, members of the academic staff, and students.
At the beginning, Dr. Bashir Faraj, Head of the Arabic Department, talked about the poet Mahmoud Darwish as one of the poetic voices who presented a distinguished intellectual speech and a deep artistic vision through a long journey.
Faraj continued: Besides the arts of literature specialized in aspects of the Arabic poetry scene in history and creativity, Mahmoud Darwish's poetry remains one of the most important sources to celebrate the experience of the Arab poet in a more personalized and comprehensive manner of free poetry. Mahmoud Darwish remains one of the poets who have turned the Arabic poem towards specific beauties that aims to moving away from the direct and generating connotations through the growing vibrant language.
Then the student, Morhaf Ghanem, followed: Mahmoud Darwish is the most prominent contributor to the development of modern Arabic poetry and the introduction of symbolism in it. In his poetry, love is mixed with homeland and the beloved female.
A number of students then read some of Mahmoud Darvish poetry.
This activity concluded with Dr. Samir Itani playing oud for the poem "I long for my mother's Bread" and accompanied him Lana Sharrab singing.