Designing Braille Copier Based on Image Processing Techniques


Braille is a very important communication code for low vision and blind people. Recently, there has been an increasing trend to use computers for entering, editing and printing Braille documents using special purpose software and printers. Also, there is a large number of old Braille documents that have started to wear out and they need to be reproduced so that they can be preserved and copies made available to many people. Hence, the motivation of this research is the need to duplicate many of Braille documents automatically in very easy manner (like traditional photocopying machine) to be preserved and copies made available to many people. Implications of this research include building a Braille Copier machine that produces copies of Braille documents in exact format regardless of the language used. In addition, this machine is able to work as two-in-one (Coping and Printing). The method used requires optical recognition and image processing techniques so that Braille papers can be copied in similar way to copying ordinary printed text. The results obtained were excellent as we were able to copy Braille documents successfully for both single and double sided papers.


El Zaart A.Y.


Al Salman A.S., Al Suhaibani Y., Al Hokail K., Gumaei A.

Journal/Conference Information

International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE),2014. 4(5), 2231-2307