Human Resource Management Practices in the Lebanese NGOs and Private Sector


This study explores the features of Human Resources in the non-governmental and nonprofit sector in relation to satisfaction, retention, salary, training and development, and in comparison to the working force in general. Moreover, a comparison of HR practices in both the NGOs and private sector is conducted. Data was obtained through a questionnaire that was distributed in a Lebanese well-established local NGO and private sector company. Results were obtained through data analysis. Preliminary findings indicate that NGO employees are less satisfied and happy with their outcomes than the private sector employees. However, NGO staff ranked higher in relation to their value to their customer. The higher management of the private organizations is investing more in its human capitals, and has a higher retention rate compared to the NGOs. Yet, lack of accurate data on NGO characteristics in Lebanon have made it difficult to provide country wide data. One major factor impacting this work environment is lack of financial resources in NGO and the poor role of higher management. The role of HR in NGOs is more complex as there are limitations and constraints. This paper also highlights some solutions to improve HR in the NGO sector.


Yassine N.M.


Zein R.

Journal/Conference Information

Society for Advancement of Management 2015 International Business Conference,