Inhibition of the Acidic Corrosion of Mild Steel by Thiobarbituric Acid


The corrosion inhibition of mild steel by 2-Thiobarbitruic Acid (TBA) in 0.5 HCl at 300C was studied using potentiodynamic, electrochemical impedance techniques and quantum chemical calculations. The results indicates that Thiobarbituric Acid exhibits good performance as inhibitor for mild steel corrosion in HCl. The inhibition efficiency increases with increasing concentration of inhibitor. It reaches its maximum at 2x10-2M give 83.89%. Potentiodynamic polarization studies indicated that TBA is a cathodic type inhibitor. Calculated thermodynamic parameters provided evidence on thee adsorption mode of TBA. It was found that the adsorption of TBA took place through physisorption process that obeyed kinetic-thermodynamic and Temkin models. Quantum chemical parameters were calculated and discussed.


Abdel Gaber A.M.


Younes G.O., Rahal H.T.

Journal/Conference Information

21th LAAS International Scientific Conference,