Morpholinolysis of Esters Analogous to Flutamide in 90% Methanol-Water


The kinetics of the reaction of ester analogous to flutamide namely nitrophenyl acetate, butyrate and isobutryrate with morpholine in 90%Methanol-water is measured spectrophotometrically and show second order rate constants. The second order rate constants as well as activation parameters were calculated at 25-45oC. The mechanism of acyl-oxgen fission pass through stepwise mechanism and the position of slow step depends on the nature and position of substituent in the ester group as well as the chain structure of the non-leaving group. The second order rate constants, activation parameters and the correlation between log kA(25) versus log kA(45) can decide the position of the slow step.


El Shazly S.A.


Youssef N.M., Hamed E.A.

Journal/Conference Information

International Journal of Chemistry,2015, 7(1)