Parallel and Perpendicular Flows of a Micropolar Fluid Between Slip Cylinder and Coaxial Fictitious Cylindrical Shell in Cell Models


The Quasi-steady two-dimensional micropolar fluid flow between two coaxial cylinders is considered. The inner cylinder is assumed to be solid while the outer one is fictitious. Happel’s cell model has been applied. Linear slip boundary conditions on the surface of the solid cylindrical particle are used for both velocity and microrotation. The modified Happels boundary conditions are applied at the fictitious cylindrical surface. Two flow problems are considered: the flow parallel to cylinders and the flow perpendicular to cylinders. Analytical expressions for Kozeny constant are obtained. The numerical values for the Kozeny constant are tabulated and represented graphically for various values of the physical parameters of the problem.


Ashmawy E.A.


Sherief H.H., Faltas M.S., Abdel-Hameid A.M.

Journal/Conference Information

The European Physical Journal Plus,2014, 129(217),1-16