Slow Motion of a Slip Spherical Particle Along the Axis of a Circular Cylindrical Pore in a Micropolar Fluid


The Quasi-steady translational motion of a slip spherical particle in a micropolar fluid along the centerline of a circular cylindrical pore is investigated theoretically in the limit of small Reynolds numbers. The general solution of the problem at hand is constructed using the superposition of fundamental solutions in both cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems. The imposed boundary conditions on the cylindrical and spherical boundaries are applied and a collocation technique is utilized. Numerical results for the normalized drag force exerted on the particle are obtainedwith good convergence for various values of the ratio of particle-to-pore radii, slip coefficient and micropolarity parameter.


Ashmawy E.A.


Sherief H.H., Faltas M.S., Nashwan M.G.

Journal/Conference Information

Journal of Molecular Liquids,2014, 200, 273-282