State Space Solution to the Unsteady Slip Flow of a Micropolar Fluid between Parallel Plate


In this work, the unsteady motion of an incompressible micropolar fluid between two infinite parallel plates under the effect of slip boundary conditions for both velocity and microrotation is considered. The motion of the fluid is generated by applying a time dependent pressure gradient between the two plates. The Laplace transform technique and the state space approach are utilized to obtain the analytical solution in the Laplace domain. The inverse Laplace transform is evaluated numerically. The velocity and microrotation functions are represented graphically and the effects of the slip, and micropolarity parameters on the flow field are discussed.


Ashmawy E.A.


Slayi S.A.

Journal/Conference Information

International Journal of Scientific and Innovative Mathematical Research (IJSIMR),2014, 2(10), 827-836