Transformation Towards Smart Sustainable Cities


Cities have a significant impact on the development level of a country. They provide a platform for people to live and work, establish services and operations for citizens in a wide range of ways and facilitate a close contact between local government officials and citizens. The rapid urbanization and globalization of cities creates challenges by increasing demands for economic, social, environmental and technological development. These challenges affect the planning, development and operations of cities. As a result, cities are now competing with each other to attract investments and knowledge workers and promote themselves as smart and sustainable cities. In turn, many governments around the globe are currently initiating Smart Sustainable City (SSC) projects to address these challenges. The latter requires the adoption of a comprehensive transformation framework that tackles all dimensions of a SSC and fully describes a step-by-step process of how to use smart Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


El Zaart A.Y.


Ibrahim M.M., Adams C.

Journal/Conference Information

23rd European Conference on Information Systems - Resilience and Information Systems (ECIS 2015 - RIS),